Max Edwin Lane

Max Edwin Lane
1935 to 2009

Max's Work
He worked mainly in plastics and metals on small-scale constructions that were often manoeuvrable or mobile.

In the early months of 1960, the material used was usually tinplate. It is unlikely that any sculptures have survived, but Max was also testing ideas. He progressed to sheet brass and copper, various types of polythene, aluminium and wood. He also used found objects, such as parts of motor scooters and cars. In the 70s and 80s he frequently used brass objects and Perspex.

From 1987 to 2003, Max concentrated on jewellery, using stainless steel wire and rods, glass, sheet copper and brass, and semi-precious stones.

He showed an early interest in Australian Aboriginal art, and later, in Celtic art, but was in fact interested in different cultures from around the globe. He admired the work of contemporary sculptors, and living in London, was an avid visitor to the major exhibitions and galleries. He especially liked abstract sculpture.