Max Edwin Lane
transparent gifBIOGRAPHY

transparent gifMax was born and grew up in Brisbane, Australia, attending Brisbane State High School. From January 1953, he went to Brisbane Technical College which he later described as offering a very formal art training. Some of his water colours of that time are still in Australia, as are a big proportion of his later work. In 1956, he followed a year’s course in sculpture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, with its engineering possibilities. This was to provide a dimension to his work which has often been admired for its technical skill as well as for artistic creativity.

From 1957 to 1959, Max taught art in a school in Bairnsdale, Queensland, until he emigrated to England. He took a job in a plastics factory, to be able to devote himself to sculpture. He married in 1971, and, moving from Chiswick, started work at a firm which handled gas cylinders. In 1987, he accepted voluntary redundancy, and took the opportunity to create jewellery at home. He sold it at the weekends in the outdoor market at Camden Lock, North London, which he much enjoyed.

After his retirement in 2003, he indulged his passion for growing bonsai trees, and diversified into pottery, to make containers for them, but also raku vases and sculptures; and he made use of reclaimed roof slates in a new approach to his work. The move to the South Coast of England afforded new materials – pebbles, shells and driftwood - and he reused some of the materials from his previous work.

Max had a passionate interest in nature, from insects to the big animals, and from flowers to trees. He read widely and researched everything that caught his attention. By inclination, he was quiet and very modest, with a quirky sense of humour, which is integral in his work.

He died suddenly of a chronic health condition in 2009.